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thunkurry: a Python decorator for partial application

Posted in Python by Leif Ryge on September 30, 2010

Here is a decorator which allows you to curry named and/or positional arguments as many times as you like. The underlying function is finally called when the decorated function is called as a thunk (meaning, without any arguments).

def thunkurry(f_, *t_, **d_):
    """Currying thunk decorator
    Example usage:
    >>> prod = lambda *a: reduce(operator.mul, a)
    >>> sum_ = lambda *a: sum(a)
    >>> thunkurry(prod)(2)(3)(4)() == prod(2,3,4) == 24
    >>> thunkurry(lambda a,b,c:a+b+c)(c=1)(2)(c=3)(4)()
    >>> a = thunkurry(sum_)
    >>> a = a(1)(2)(3); a()
    >>> a = a(1)(2)(3); a()
    def fn(*T_, **D_):
        return f_(*t_, **d_) if not (T_ or D_) \
                else thunkurry(f_, *t_ + T_, **dict(d_.items() + D_.items()))
    fn.__doc__ = f_.__doc__
    return fn

I’ve mostly found this useful as a class decorator.

(Note: the Talk:Currying page on wikipedia has some discussion about the terms currying vs. partial application; I’m using the terms interchangeably here and am not sure if that is wrong.)

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